Fun with Hot Sauce and Hot Wing Sauce

I have entered a new world about 10 years ago, when I started collecting hot sauces, I never realized how many hot sauces where out there and that it has quite a following. I also got hooked on hot wings and now rate restaurants by their Wings.

Besides the obvious reasons for going to Hooters it has a pretty good wing selection. They have nice Big Wings and you can get them as hot as you would like, they have a 3 mile Island wing that I always order, I’ll tell you those have the flavor and send the heat! They have all kinds of different levels of heat to suit your taste.

Another place that has a lot of different varieties of hot wings and sauces is a place called Wings your way, they have every flavor of hot wings and hot sauces that you can imagine and they also have some wings that will get your attention with the heat!! I really like them because they put the sauce right in the batter so your wings aren’t all saucy.

As far as hot sauce collections go mine is quite modest compared to some people that I have met on the internet? I thought I had a great collection until I saw some of theirs, and I found out that I still have a lot of collecting to do to get to that level, I have about 300 different hot sauces and hot wing sauce. But I always get two because I try one and save one so I have actually tried every sauce in my collection.

One of the biggest reasons I started collecting hot sauces was because of some of the awesome graphics and one liners, I’m going to describe the graphics on the bottle and read the warning and instructions on the labels. I’ve found some of them quite funny and creative.

Jim’s Diablo Inferno, is a hot sauce that I have actually grown the peppers and made the sauce and label, it took a while to make a sauce that that tasted good and had the heat level that I liked. It has a devil on the label surrounded by flames and it says (subcontractor to Satan, your blueprint to hell) it also says not recommended for wimps, sissies or girl boys.

How about this one ( Submission hot Sauce) 100% pure pain formula, It has a woman on the label dressed for sexy S&M it says gagged bound and blistered. There is a Caution on the label that says “This is brutality in a bottle”. Step right up if you think you can handle it. This merciless brew will bring you to your knees. Its ruthless heat will enslave your mouth and make you beg for mercy. If you can’t take the Heat you must submit.

Here’s another good one it’s called (Captain Redbeards Jaws of Fire) Just when you thought it was safe to test the waters again. Captain Redbeards now Jaws of fire hot sauce will roll your eyes back into your head, and you’ll be gasping for cool air. Made from habanero mash, this sauce is from the Captains hottest. Use just a little bit until you get your sea legs. You’ll soon be putting it on everything that you eat.

I will write a weekly article and post it on my website explaining some of my favorite hot sauces and labels. And a some of my favorite Wing joints, I can’t post some of my favorite hot wing recipes

I love Hot Wings!!

but there are plenty of free ones on my website, so if you’re interested come and take a look. I also post where the hot wing eating contests are.



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